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TMMI Mini PC X™ High Performance Video Playback Solutions

The TMMI Mini PC X™ is a small form factor fully functional Windows 10-64 computer that supports up to 8K resolution or 6 4K screens, sourced from an industry leading OEM pre-loaded with the TRUDEF™ Video Player, configured with industry standard codecs and the high bitrade TRUDEF™ VDK3 Fractal Video Codec for specialized use cases.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Video Player for Windows 10
New Free Version is now available (Released November 9, 2019)

The TRUDEF™ Video Player is Universal Windows Platform (UWP) compliant with a custom internal video pipeline designed to improve HEVC and AV1 visual quality on large resolution screens.

• Support for Microsoft's AV1 & HEVC Extensions
• MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH)
• Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
• Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS)
• Custom GPU Filters
• UWP Compliant
• Multi Language Support: US, CN, ES, FR, JP, PT, RU
• Small Installation Package Size
TRUREZ™ 3.0 Video Scaler
Future development includes direct access to the low latency TRUDEF™ Video Streaming Platform and an API for 3rd party content delivery via custom playlists.
Available on:
Download TRUDEF™ Video Player, free Version
Download Microsoft's AV1 Video Extension (Beta)
Download Microsoft's HEVC Video Extension
Upgrade to Windows 10 version 1809 (Recommended)
Note: Please check back periodically for updates as development continues with new features.

Over 5,000 installs to date
See TRUDEF™ Video Streaming Platform high quality 4K HEVC demo
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