Technology FAQ

When do you envision the finished development of the TRUDEF™ suite of products be commercially available?

We are currently updating the 1994 source code making it compatible with the latest Microsoft Media Foundation enabling TRUDEF™ to run in Windows 7 and 8. Until this process is completed, the company is unable to provide a realistic accurate timeline.

Are you developing the technology in house or through an outside company?

TRUDEF™ is being developed by in-house consultants to the company.

Who are TMMI's TRUDEF™ competitors?

See competition.

Are there competing fractal-based video technologies?


Is TRUDEF™ fractal-based encoding technology better than other non-fractal-based encoding technologies?

After the current Build is completed, the company intends to let qualified 3rd parties test TRUDEF™ fractal–based encoding technology and let them do the comparisons with other encoding technologies.

What patents are associated with TMMI’s proprietary technologies and how are they effect by other existing video technology patents?

See patent issues.

Why isn’t there an online demonstration that showcases TRUDEF™'s capabilities?

The code modifications have not been completed yet. TMMI intends to use video frame captures from TRUDEF™ fractal–based encoding technology to showcase its quality. TMMI intends to arrange public demonstrations but not online streaming of its TRUDEF™ technology until the commercial release is ready.