Management & Advisory Board

Paul B. Healy - President and Chief Executive Officer / Board of Directors

Paul B. Healy is an accomplished, established executive with entrepreneurial and financial skills. Having applied his skills in critically demanding business situations, he is experienced in the media/communications, financial services arenas, and public markets. He is currently a partner in Gulfstream Limited, an independent New York and London based international risk management solutions and advisory services firm, serving private organizations in mergers and acquisitions and private equity.

In addition to his extensive background in financial services, beginning at Chase Manhattan Bank as Vice President and Client Executive, Global Media and Telecommunications Group, Mr. Healy served as the President and CEO of Connexiti, LLC, a leading supply chain analytics database/research company, sold to Bloomberg, LLC in 2010.

Mr. Healy served for a decade as Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and Investor Relations with Hollinger International, Inc., at the time a leading publicly traded international newspaper publisher with extensive media assets. These assets included the Telegraph in the UK, the Chicago Sun-Times, and more than 100 community papers in the Chicago area, and the Jerusalem Post among others. Mr. Healy led investor relations and all bank financing and investment banking relationships. He managed $7 billion in various bank/bond/equity and derivative facilities. Mr. Healy was the primary spokesman at various Equity and Bond conferences as well as to the media while overseeing the global budgeting process across all divisions and final corporate roll-up to assure debt and derivative compliance covenants during the growth of the company from a $100 million EBITDA to $450 Million successfully attracting and maintaining a blue-chip, value-oriented shareholder base.

Leonard J. DeRoma - Board of Directors

Mr. Leonard J. DeRoma is a founding partner and Chief Financial Officer of the Invictus Group LLC, a bank advisory and data intelligence company. Invictus has created a complete series of proprietary analytics and a massive database for the analysis and comparison of banks. Invictus provides strategic planning and M&A strategy to numerous bank clients around the United States. He is also President and Chief Executive Officer of Wildwood Capital LLC, a consulting and business development firm that provides financial forecasting, planning, and IP licensing advisory to small and medium size companies.

Mr. DeRoma has spent the last 40 years in financial services in both corporate finance and fixed income trading. Prior to Invictus and Wildwood Mr. DeRoma spent 5 years at Citibank pioneering financial planning and forecasting for middle market companies. Subsequently he spent 5 years as SVP/Managing Director at Lehman Brothers creating term collateralized financing vehicles. At BZW (predecessor to Barclays Capital) Mr. DeRoma served as President of US fixed income including trading, sales, underwriting, research and derivatives and was responsible for global securities financing. Subsequent to Barclays Mr. DeRoma was appointed Senior Managing Director of fixed income for McDonald Investments and KeyCorp. Mr. DeRoma has served on the Board of Directors of the Bond Market Association, the Microcap Fund, and McDonald Investments, Inc. and has been a speaker on numerous financial topics in the US, Europe and Asia. In addition he serves on a number of advisory boards across several industries.

Mr. DeRoma holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Masters in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.

Pat Cory Arcadipane - Board of Directors

Pat Cory Arcadipane is a Certified Public Accountant and seasoned business executive with extensive development and finance experience ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Mr. Arcadipane has been responsible for many corporate functions including mergers and acquisitions; business re-engineering, R&D partnerships and joint ventures; manufacturing and corporate development; corporate finance and marketing. During his career he has been the catalyst for generating over $500 million in revenue and $ 200 million in cost savings.

Mr. Arcadipane’s entrepreneurial achievements include inventing a new, patented milk product for which he founded Milk-Made, Inc. and created the brand “Cool Cow”. He launched the product in over 3,000 outlets, selling nearly every major supermarket chain in the New York Metro area. He also founded and served as CEO/CFO of Electronique, a manufacturer and distributor of mechanical and electrical components.

Mr. Arcadipane’s experience involves high profile companies serving as Director of New Business Development for the Advertising Solutions Group of Harris Corp.; the Vice President of Strategic Marketing Planning for the US Consumer Banking Group at Citicorp; and Director and Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis at RCA Records and Paramount Pictures respectively. While at Citicorp, Mr. Arcadipane created the first global Intranet Service Provider with automatic sign-on, browser, email and Boolean search features.

Mr. Arcadipane currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Millisecond Technologies Corp., where he developed and commercialized a new pasteurization technology that produces the first fresh milk product with a long shelf life that retains all of the nutrition and taste, currently preparing for market.

Michael Kozole - CPA / Board of Directors

Michael Kozole, CPA, is a Certified Public Accountant in public practice since 1978. He has over 35 years of experience in helping notable companies prep and analyze financial reports for compliance and strategic planning purposes.

Stanley Ford - Assistant Secretary / Board of Directors

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