Where is the company located?
We are headquartered at 118 School Road, Wilmington, DE 19803

Any progress or updates coming in the near future?
News releases will be issued to keep shareholders informed of updates.

Where can I get the number of shares that I own as I have lost track over the years?
Begin by contacting your broker at your brokerage firm. Make sure you have your have your most updated statement ready. If your broker cannot help you please contact us.

How do I get in contact with members from the previous management?
The Company is not in contact with any members from the previous management.

What is the projected timelines you are working to meet corporately?
Since the shareholder meeting on October 17, 2011 we have been working diligently in collecting corporate documents. To date the company has raised funds and provided the last two quarters of financials and will continue to execute its corporate mandate.

Who owns VDK1.0, VDK1.4, VDK 2.0 and TRUDEF™?
TMMI has an exclusive license from Iterated Systems for the VDK line and owns TRUDEF™ outright.

Is TMMI currently looking for joint venture partners and/or customers?
TMMI is ramping up to implement its B2B strategy. The concentration right now is on corporate matters and its current Build.